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  • IE seko and co [IE]
    Products : organic (Trade Opportunities)
    we are one of the best company that deals with chemical products in ireland

    Products : carbon black,iron ore,charcola ()
    we can supply from iran in good grades based on fob iran port

  • IN M. M. Exims Private Limited [IN]
    Products : Carbon Black, Butyl Rubber, Bead Wire (Importer)
    We wish to purchase Steel bead wire, carbon black, butyl rubber for a company having consumption of about 500 tons a month as per the following

  • ID Greencarbon [ID]
    Products : activated carbon (Manufacturer)
    We are Korean Foreign Investment Company in Indonesia, manufacturing activated carbon from coconut shell, wood and palm shell based.

  • MY Laju Carbon Products Sdn Bhd [MY]
    Products : Actiavted Carbon ()
    We are an ISO 9001-2000 accredited manufacturer and exporter of activated carbon, household water purifiers, and filter cartridges.

  • KR TB CARBON Co,.Ltd [KR]
    Products : carbon sheet / carbon prepreg ()
    Our company manufacture carbon sheet for fishing rod, bicycle frame, golf shaft and so on.

  • ID Greencarbon [ID]
    Products : Activated Carbon ()
    We are Indonesian private company, which specializes at manufacturing and trading of ACTIVATED CARBON and CHARCOAL. We are oriented to export market, as well as cooperation with local companies.

  • ID PT Rodaniaga Kokoh Nusantara [ID]
    Products : Activated Carbon ()
    PT Rodaniaga Kokoh Nusantara is a privately owned company, specialis in manufacturing and distributing activated carbon

    Products : ACTIVATED CARBON (Exporter)

  • IN Jalan Carbons & Chemicals Limited [IN]
    Products : Coal Tar Pitch (Manufacturer)
    We regularly require Coal Tar Pitch of all grades in bulk quantities. Please submit specifications and your best offer in USD CIF Haldia/Kolkata Port, India

  • IR Ettf Co. [IR]
    Products : graphite felt (Importer)
    we import various type of product we import various type of product we import various type of product

  • IN Variety Minerals Industries [IN]
    Products : Activated Bleaching Earth; Bentonite; Zeolite; Activated Carbon ()
    We process Optimum & Standard grade Bleaching Earth's products (top & medium quality); Bentonite; Activated Carbon; Zeolite

  • SG 3J&J Pharma Pte Ltd (Shell Carbon Division) [SG]
    Products : Granular Coconut Shell Charcoal ()
    We offer high grade granulated shell base charcoal from coconut and palm shell

  • IN Srin & Co [IN]
    Products : coconut shell charcoal powder ()
    Available activated and non activated charcoal available lowest price actual specification will be met with delivery schedules

  • KR DaeDong Carbon Chem. Co., Ltd. [KR]
    Products : active carbon ()
    DaeDong Carbon Chem Co., Ltd was founded at 1995 and advanced technology introduction has enabled the production of high quality active carbon.

  • ID PT Hanin Carbon Indonesia [ID]
    Products : Activated carbon (Manufacturer)
    We are activated carbon producer. We have coconut base and wood base activated carbon. We also produce sawdust charcoal.

  • IN Gulbrandsen Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. [IN]
    Products : water treatment chemicals (Manufacturer)
    Leading specialty chemicla manufacturing company for water treatment, Pulp& paper, electronic etchets Industries

    Products : ACTIVATED CARBON (Manufacturer)

  • TW Taiwan K.K. Corp. [TW]
    Products : activated carbon, water treatment chemicals ()
    Taiwan K.K. Corp. is one of the leading company with its factory in China offering competitive as well as high quality water treatment chemicals and biocide.

  • MY Pacific Activated Carbon Sdn Bhd [MY]
    Products : Activated carbon and Charcoal ()
    We are the major manufacturer and exporter of granular and powdered activated carbon and charcoal for various liquid and gas phase applications

  • GB CPL Carbon Link Limited [GB]
    Products : Activated Carbon ()
    CPL Carbon Link is a leading international manufacturer and supplier of speciality activated carbon, associated adsorption technology and services.

  • IN A Shreema Chemicals (P) Ltd. [IN]
    Products : Activated Carbon (Manufacturer)
    Manufacturing Powdred Activated Carbon trough Chemical Process by phosphoric acid. Our products MB Value is as high as 350 mg/G.

  • ID PT. Daiti Carbon Nusantara [ID]
    Products : Powder and Granular Active Carbon ()
    We are one of manufacturer AC in Indonesia. For Powder we have 2 types, wood based and coconut based as raw material. For granular we have saveral particle size with coconut as raw material.

  • TH Mac Products Supplies Co.,Ltd [TH]
    Products : activated carbon (Trade Opportunities)
    activated carbon importer, exporter, manufacturer

  • TH K-Mo Chemical Processing [TH]
    Products : High quality Activated Carbon from coconut shell in powered/granulated form (Exporter)
    Sell high quality activated carbon from coconut shell in powered and granulated form. Various sizes are available with large amount ready for export.

  • IN Aum Impex [IN]
    Products : buy - disperse dyes, pet master batch, two for one twisting machine parts ()
    we are leading importers from the city of surat,india.

  • PH Altona Trading [PH]
    Products : Activated Carbon ()
    We are a company dealing in Activated Carbon for purposes of water and edible oil purification

  • MY Tetra Carbon (M) Sdn Bhd [MY]
    Products : Activated carbon (Manufacturer)
    manufacturer and supplier of Activated carbon

  • IN Aquatreat Systems & Engineers [IN]
    Products : Activated carbon and Molecular sieve 3a ()
    Buyers of Activated Carbon and molecular sieve

  • IN Carbon India Ltd [IN]
    Products : activated carbon manufacturing ()
    welcome to carbonindia

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