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  • PK Y.R Associate [PK]
    Products : orthodental,dental,pliers ()
    we are a manufacturer and exporter of high quality of dental plier

    Products : interdental brush, toothbrush, flosspick, oral care products ()
    Our company company is a Japanese company and manufacture ORAL CARE products in Vietnam

  • RO Toyland International [RO]
    Products : hand cream,toothpaste,paste for washing hands,soap,cream for cicatrice (Manufacturer)
    We are a romanian company which is interested to sell handcream with natural oil

  • EG Amm [EG]
    Products : cutton ()

  • IN Atulkumar & Co. [IN]
    Products : toothpaste,toothbrush,talcum powder,shaving cream,petroleum jelly,shoepolis,soap (Exporter)
    we are merchant exporter from india,exporting dental and personal care products.we are established in 1980.

  • EE M-Pay Ltd [EE]
    Products : one time toothbrush (Importer)
    M-Pay is a Estonian company, who find one time toothbrush sellers

  • TW VOTTI International Inc. [TW]
    Products : Dental Flosser ()
    VOTTI International Inc., specialized on developing oral-care product, has made the depth research on improving dental floss for years. Please visit our website: www.votti.com

  • FR Oralys Dental Group SAS [FR]
    Products : Toothbrush, toothpaste and oral care accessories ()
    Netwrok of companies suppliying all reatilers in Europe and North America with factories in North America and Asia

  • ZA Table Bay Trading [ZA]
    Products : Branded Toiletries , Colgate , Aquafresh , Lever Ponds , Gillette , J & J ()
    We are exporters of Branded toiletries and various other items.

  • TW Chuan Tsao Co., [TW]
    Products : dental floss picks ()
    A manufacturer and exporter of dental floss picks , founded over 13 years ago.

  • TW Welters Co. Ltd. [TW]
    Products : interdental brush ()
    we are the manufacturer and exporter for Interdental Brush, Brushpicks and doing the OEM for customized design products.

  • SY Al-jauda [SY]
    Products : ladies handbag ()
    new ladies handbag for all

  • PH Dragon Resources, Inc [PH]
    Products : Syringes, Generic Medicines, Oral-B Toothbrushes, Jams & Jellies (Exporter)
    We are a wholesale distribution company mainly based in HK & have offshore offices in Philippines and the US. We carry diverse products from medical supplies,,,

  • NL Fc Twente [NL]
    Products : footbal (Trade Opportunities)

  • HK Chaip Shing Manufactory [HK]
    Products : Dental Polisher (Manufacturer)
    Chaip Shing Manufactory are the manufacturers of all kinds of Domestic Dental Care Products such as Dental Polisher for whitening teeth, Dental Pik for remove tartar and Mirror for inspect teeth

  • GB Simons Company [GB]
    Products : Food

    Products : TOOTH BRUSH & NAIL CUTTER (Manufacturer)
    Manufacturer of Tooth Brushes & Nail Cutters

  • IN Kewalraj & Co. [IN]
    Products : Toothbrushes, shaving brushes, personal care products, shampoo, hair brushes ()
    We can offer you toothbrushes & other personal care products.

    Products : mouthwash concentrate, plastic toothpicks,wedges,root posts,dental implants (Manufacturer)
    Manufacturer of high quality oral care and dental products, Private label available

  • BG Fresh Up Cosmetics Ltd. [BG]
    Products : Toothpaste, Skin Care Creams, Shaving Creams, Liquid Soap, Shampoo, Sun Milks ()
    High quality manufacturer of cosmetics products, specialized mainly in toothpaste production. We would like to find distributors/import agents from EU, USA, Canada, Africa, Latin America and Asia

  • KR shin hwa medicines [KR]
    Products : toothpaste,toothbrush,tube (Manufacturer)
    We makes toothpaste,toothbrush and tube etc.

  • IN Bhavi Group [IN]
    Toothpaste, Tooth brush, Shaving Cream Manufacturer & Exporter under Private Label & Customised packaging all over the world

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