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  • KR Dreamelectron Co.Ltd [KR]
    Products : Home Microbubble Bath ()
    The new concept well which uses the micro bubble round it is a bath machinery and tools Quality of creation of micro bubble

  • CL Inversiones Faro Austral SA [CL]
    Products : Snail Cream and others sub-products. ()
    Snail producer and manufacturer of snail cosmetics

  • Kabinson Corp [BJ]
    Products : Chocolate (Importer)
    We use this opportunity to introduce ourselves to your organisation, we are the leading importer/distributor of the listed commodities.

  • KR INNTOP Co., Ltd. [KR]
    Products : Refill Paraffin wax (Manufacturer)
    Refill Paraffin Wax for moisturizing and exfoliating skin, and general skin care

  • KR S&B Rus [KR]
    Products : cleansing gel, foaming cleaner, softner, moisturizer, eye cream, ampoule, (Exporter)
    cleansing gel, foaming cleaner, softner, moisturizer, eye cream, ampoule,

  • DE Beobab Germany [DE]
    Products : Cosmetics, Accessoires, Handicraft, Apparatus ()
    Import/Distribution of Quality Cosmetics of Baobab & African Natural Ingriedients, Wodden Accessories, Cosmetic Apparatus, Handicraft, Gifts

  • EG Egyptian Steps For Import & Export [EG]
    Products : skin care ()
    we are egyptian company. we are mainly working in the cosmetic product.

  • PH International Pharmaceuticals, Inc. [PH]
    Products : liniments, antiseptics, cosmetics,herbal food & beverages,toiletries ()
    International Pharmacuticals, Inc (IPI) is currently the leading manufacturer & distributor of a wide range of pharmaceutical & health care products. We also have a stong market abroad.

  • VN Vinh Danh Co. [VN]
    Products : buy OEM perfume ()
    perfume distribution in vietnam and expect to be the leading company in the area within 5 years

  • EG Randa [EG]
    Products : cosmetics, charcoal,leather products, shisha, hookah, loofah, cigarettes ()
    we export cotton, leather, cigarettes, charcoal, loofah, hookah

  • AW Dsfsd [AW]
    Products : lip stick,blush,eye shadow (Exporter)

    Products : HENNA HAIR COLOR ()
    we are leading Manufacture & Exproter of Henna Hair Colour and Herbal Henna Body Art,Henna Harbal Hair Colour.

    Products : skin care (Importer)
    Cosmetic company that was established in Aug.2001 to provide ˇ°clear and moist skinˇ± to all ladies.

  • IT P.G.R. Di Pistorio G. [IT]
    Products : perfumes - cosmetics (Importer)
    we are on the Italian market from 30anni with the maximum seriousness and professionality

  • DE Internet Sevices Elena Stolle [DE]
    Products : Brand Parfums (Trade Opportunities)
    specialist for brand parfums trading online in Germany and Europe

  • IN Radico [IN]
    Products : Beauty products, herbal hair color, henna hair color, hair color cream ()
    Manufacturer, exporter and wholesaler of beauty products as herbal hair color in black, dark brown, burgundy color along with hair color cream, herbal cosmetics by Radico in India and USA.

  • IT Deborah Casartelli [IT]
    Products : cosmetic
    my company trades produced of all the types in import

  • US Amazon Global, Llc [US]
    Products : cosmatic (Importer)
    we are based in california we do have manufacturing we get our product OEM and we cover north america and asia market

  • TH Kahohn Co.,ltd [TH]
    Products : french perfumes (Importer)
    i would like to sell french parfumes without box. and i wouldlike to do online business by selling bag from thailand to france.

  • KR Biensol [KR]
    Products : Cosmetics (Importer)
    An Individual importer company established in Korea Republic

  • CA Mica Beauty Loft [CA]
    Products : Cosmetics and Skincare
    Looking for cosmetics and skincare products and competitive rates

    Products : Parfume,eau de toilette, (Manufacturer)
    manufacturer of cosmetic products in Turkey,we are profession of eau de toilette,parfumes,roll-on etc..

  • CH Simex Trading AG [CH]
    Products : Fragrances and cosmetics ()
    Simex Trading AG is a perfume trading company based in Switzerland actively trading in all the leading brand name perfumes and cosmetics for the last 16 years

  • AU Stericleanse Pty Ltd [AU]
    Products : Natural skin care (Manufacturer)
    Manufacturer of natural skin care cosmetics for acne and excema

  • IN Ratnadeep International [IN]
    Products : fax machine component ()
    manufacturing fax componets toner cartradge copier plastic compontents press metal components speakers parts

  • PL Bi-Jar [PL]
    Products : brand perfume and cosmetic ()
    We are wholesale brand perfume-cosmetics trading company

  • US Don's Co [US]
    Products : any brand name cosmetics
    cosmetics & beauty supply item wholsaler in asian community

  • TR Megatek Ltd.?ti. [TR]
    Products : jbjb (Importer)
    vjhfhg jhgh jhgh jhgvv jkhjkhk kjhkjh kjhj kjhjh jhkjh ?k?k? ffds fg

    Products : garments, toys, stocklots,etc ()
    we are importer of stocklots, surplus,etc all item .

  • KR E-Beauty International [KR]
    Products : nail art, makeup ()
    E-Beauty International is a manufacturer and import/export of beauty items as like a nail, make up brushes and hair brushes.

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