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  • VN ATC Co.,LTD [VN]
    Products : Wicker Furniture,Wicker basketry ()
    Provinding products which hand made from water hyacinth, seagrass, rattan

  • ID Makmur Baboo Craft [ID]
    Products : we produce and sell many wooden lamp place and carfts from bamboo ()
    We produce many unique crafts from bamboo and wood, such table and wall lamps, basket, fruit place, small storage from bamboo, and many others which all made by creative hands.

  • VN Vietstyle Handicrafts Corporation [VN]
    Products : Furniture, cabinet, basket, sofa, shelf, tray, chair, table... (Manufacturer)
    Our products are made of many different kinds of natural materials such as rattan, bamboo, water hyacinth, sea grass and plastic materials.

  • VN Banmai Co., Ltd [VN]
    Products : Handicraft, ceramic, bamboo ()
    We are Banmai Co., Ltd, a big manufacturer of Handicraft in Vietnam. We have 10 experiences in this field, so we are sure to meet your serious requirements.

    Products : fruit basket, gift basket, gift box,wine box, wood pattern, wood flowers ()
    Producing many kinds of wooden products such as: fruit baskets, gift basket, gift boxes, wine boxes, wood pattern, wood flower as per customers? requirement.

    Products : wicker furniture, wicker furnishing, handcraft, basket , cabinet, straw hat (Exporter)
    Tien Thanh Phat Co., Ltd specialized in the exporting handicraft made of water hyacinth, rattan, seagrass, palm...Its products are exported to over 30 countries in the world:USA, Japan,EU....

  • PH Yocywa Shells Import &Export [PH]
    Products : sell raw shells, fashion accessories ()
    To introduce ourselves, we are exporters and manufacturers of coco bead necklaces and even accent it with shells and shell necklaces like puka and other heishe shells

  • VN Golden Land Lines [VN]
    Products : pottery, Bamboo, candle, handbag ()
    Golden Land Lines Joint Stock Company (GLL) was established by four found shareholders who has a professional experience in trading, shipping and education in 2006.

  • TH KaKa Wood [TH]
    Products : mango wooden vases , wooden lamp (Manufacturer)
    we are a specialized wooden furnishings manufacturer,

  • VN Hanoi Trade Corporation [VN]
    Products : handicraft, fine art-article, garments,textiles, foods, beverages,agricultural ()
    We are a leading producer and exporter of handicrafts for both home use and decoration purposes, garments and textiles, foods , beverages, agricultural products.

  • VN Golden land lines JSC [VN]
    Products : Furniture; decorative pottery; handycraft products ()
    We manufacture & trade handicraft products. We can supply any handicraft products in Viet Nam as your requiment

    Products : Handicraft zinc planter (Manufacturer)
    We can make any zinc planter, jugs, trays, etc. Our products finished in high quality. 100% waterproof and can be made in any colour by acid dying not painting I am sure we can make you satisfied

    Products : Boxwood Netsuke,Bone Netsuke,Boxwood Inro,Ojime,Ivory Netsuke,Snuff Bottle (Trade Opportunities)
    We supply fine art ivory carving netsuke, wood netsukes, snuff bottles, chinese painting, Tibetan tangka, ox bone carvings. Our design can meet the western market and our price is very competitive.

  • VN ArtexDC [VN]
    Products : Wooden ()
    We are one of the leading Manufacturer and Exporter specializing Wooden furniture and decoration

  • VN VP blinds Jsc [VN]
    Products : blinds ()
    all kinds of blinds made from nature materials: jute, reed, fern, bamboo, corn, grass...

  • LK Ceilan Enterprises [LK]
    Products : Handicrafts and Stationery ()
    we are export of leather bags, handicrafts, stattionery items and we have our office in USa

  • DE Bankirai [DE]
    Products : wood bankirai , teak, pine ()
    wood bankirai , teak, pine we sell all for good conditions , please contact us

  • GB 2.2.tango [GB]
    Products : jewellery boxes, jewellery (Trade Opportunities)
    we r in to retailing business and expanding our business and we r looking for somebody who can supply wooden alphabet and plaque or some other persanilize stuff

  • TR Achelia Foreign Trade Company [TR]
    Products : boxes,photo frames,stands,mirrors,candes.. (Exporter)
    we are thr exporter of decorative wooden home accessorizes

  • VN Vietnam Handicrafts Import Export Company Limited [VN]
    Products : Handbag, lantern, porcelain dinnerware, lacquerware, ceramic vase, desk lamp. ()
    Our company, Vietnam Handicrafts Import-Export Co., LTD, supplies all kinds of high quality products such as handbag, lantern, porcelain , dinner ware, ceramic vase,wood, bamboo

  • DE Businessbridge-asia [DE]
    Products : baskets, garden furniture, decoration, bamboo products (Importer)
    importer and retailer of interior decoration products, mainly baskets and bambbo products

    Products : bamboo baskets, rattan baskets ()
    We are specializing in exploring, manufacturing and exporting all kinds of traditional handicrafts in Viet Nam. We have plentiful collections with unique designs in many natural materials

  • VN Diep Le Co., Ltd [VN]
    Products : Wooden handicrafts, antique reproduction furniture, fine carving painting (Manufacturer)
    We're manufacturer of wooden handicrafts in Viet Nam. There are many types and designs in our collection. From us, you'll find a very competitive wholesale price.

    Products : HANDICRAFT (Exporter)

  • ID Marktech Indonesia [ID]
    Products : Furniture, Handicraft, Houseware, Accessories, Garment, Leather,Bag and Footware (Exporter)
    Are you searching for products from Indonesia ? For best results, visit http://www.indonesian-products.biz

  • VN Artexim Hanoi [VN]
    Products : bamboo/rattan/seagrass/fern/lacquer/ceramic/waterhyacinhth/abaca/silk/horn (Exporter)

  • ID Nirwana Handycraft [ID]
    Products : jewelry box ()
    We are an art gallery that makes product from wood and bamboo

  • ES Trisnas [ES]
    Products : los flkdkmnd (Manufacturer)
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  • BE Vouillemin [BE]
    Products : DOOR CURTAINS ()
    we make import/export our range is insulation, decoration, door curtains, adesives, felt

  • VN VIETgo JSC [VN]
    Products : bamboo rattan products (Exporter)
    We provide you with best quality products at EVER BEST price. The products are diversified: from baskets, laundry baskets, willow, bucket, furniture, home furnishing....Minimum order: 500

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