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    Products : jeans, polo t-shirts ()
    Manufacturing, exporting and importing company which specifies in dealing with branded businesses. After a ten year old presence in the field of clothing has achieved a high quality standard

  • IT New Live [IT]
    Products : Italian Fashion Jeans (Manufacturer)
    We are an Italian apparel (design and manufacturing) company specializing primarily in jeans (pants) for women and men but also have some of our resources dedicated to the production of jackets/coats

  • NG Skyhght Run Ltd. [NG]
    Products : Buyer Garments, Electronics, Computer parts, Walking sticks ,Drugs, and sundries (Importer)
    We are chiefly engaged in the import of various goods and mainly concerned for the above mentioned goods.

  • TR WooQuat Jeans [TR]
    Products : jeans, pants, denim, fashion,jacket ()
    We are producing high-fashion designer jeans (WooQaut Jeans) in istanbul.

  • US KJP Trading [US]
    Products : Levi, Levis, Levis Jean (Importer)
    Buying agent and currently looking for a new Levis Jean supplier who can provide me with a variety of syles, colors and sizes of jeans regularly and on a long-term bases.

  • BG Alpha Industries Ltd [BG]
    Products : jeans,denim and casual wear ()
    We produce high quality jeans,denim and casual wear.We also have our own laundary facilities with all new technology.Accurate and relaible accomplishment

  • BE Moss Consulting [BE]
    Products : jeans
    Large Volume of Brand Name JEans Available for Immediate Sale

  • DE Freestyle GmbH [DE]
    Products : Designer Jeans summer 2006 collection: Must have denim. In many colors ()
    Shop for Designer Jeans summer 2006 collection: Must have denim. In many colors, fits & washes. 100 % satisfaction guaranteed

  • IT Velga Srl [IT]
    Products : Jeans, Sweaters, Skirts, Jackets (Manufacturer)
    The Company VELGA s.r.l. is situated in one dazzling citizen to the single slopes of the Gran Sasso to fifty minutes by car from Rome and to twenty from the Val Vibrata industrial zone.

  • US Unique Possibilities [US]
    Products : Jeans
    Unique Possibilities specialize in the sale of urban wear and unique gift baskets

  • MX Domy [MX]
    Products : denim jeans whit appliques ()
    We are a Jeans company for local market use appliques like rhinstones nailead and embroideries patches

  • IN Narayan Apparels Pvt Ltd [IN]
    Products : jeans (Manufacturer)
    a family cocern orginally in silks recently divercifed to apparel manufacturing

  • EG Farah Organization For Trading & Agencies [EG]
    Products : Rosaries , Leather goods, Scarves, Jeans wear, Faro Antiques , ()
    We are an Egyptian Foreign trade organization We are working as agent for foreign suppliers here in Egypt and distributors also and exporters for Egyptian goods.

  • US All Things Everywhere, Inc. [US]
    Products : Mobile phones, Jeans, Laptops ()
    North America exclusive distributor for Intergala products

  • US Hadyn Apparel [US]
    Products : APPAREL COMPANY t-shirts,hats,sweaters,denim,socks (Importer)
    APPAREL COMPANY for skateboarders, snowboarders,and surfers in Southern Cali.

  • IN Nisha Exports [IN]
    Products : Garments,Textiles ()
    Highly Profesional Manufacturer and Exporter having experience of quality and timely deilvery

  • MX Maquia-agujas [MX]
    Products : embroider and sewing industrial machines ()
    importer of sewing machines , mobil phones ,comunication IP,truck localisator by sattelital system

    Zaza fashion(zaza import export inc) offers 100% authenticity of all it's mechandise. All goods comes from direct manufactures and distributors of different branded clothes.

  • TR Bigrey Jeans [TR]
    Products : Jeans ()
    Jeans producer since 1983 for only our own brand BIGREY

  • PK Rafisons Textile [PK]
    We are ISO certified and social compliance approved denim garments exporter in Pakistan, currently exporting to USA and european countries, we offer good quality products to our customer.

  • HK Elit Inetrnational Co [HK]
    Products : pumice stone ()
    we are pumice stone supplier in Turkey . we have hihest quality and most reasonable price.

  • BD Satexco Limited [BD]
    Products : Five Pocket Jeans Pant ()
    Satexco Limited (satexco@bdcom,com) is 100% export based Apparel Industry in Bangladesh of Woven & Knit item.

  • TR TEM Elk [TR]
    Products : Denim Jeans;Home textile;Casual wears;Yarn measuring systems ()
    We have been looking for trade opportunities all over the world

  • BG Alfa 71 Ltd. [BG]
    Products : denim clothing (Manufacturer)
    Alfa 71 ltd. is a manufacturer of jeans wear.We offer a wide range of services.

  • TR T£¿teks Tekstil Ltd. [TR]
    Products : jeanswear, gloves, underwear, five toe socks ()
    T£¿teks Textile company is in the Turkish market since 1980. We have own factory area with manufacturing gloves, five toe socks, jeanswear and underwear in £¿tanbul/Turkey.

  • HK Lee Wah (Union) Co., Ltd. [HK]
    Products : Jeans / Jacket ()
    Our company, Lee Wah (Union) Co.,Ltd., established in Hong Kong in the year of 1989.With a factory of 800 well-trained workers in Mainland China, we produce 1,000,000 pieces of jeans per year

    Products : jeans (Importer)
    Importer of jeans clothes dealing in whole Poland, specially in the South part of Poland. Importing from Asia.

  • BE The Fashion Outlet [BE]
    Products : branded clothing ()
    outlet stock

  • US Worldly Exports Inc [US]
    Products : jeans/recycle, name brand & Levis (Exporter)
    export recycle jeans(name brand) and Levis. no tears, and no holes. Grade A quality for $3.00 a piece; Levis are $6.00a piece

    Products : fabricks,wear (Manufacturer)
    Where the cotton creates traditions!

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