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  • TR Turer A.S. [TR]
    Products : spices, herbs, Laurel, oregano, cumin, ground cumin ()
    we are ready to serve to our customers with more than 25 years and with highly qualified staffs

    Products : guarana (Exporter)
    we are a export company of herbs, extracts, guarana, etc.. of brazil

  • ID Pt. Elnasr Industrial Trading Co. Ltd.,Jakarat Rep. Office [ID]
    Products : Herbal tea (Trade Opportunities)
    We are trading house in Jakarta , we do our business to African & Middle east conutires

  • IR Takht E Shirin Agro Industry Co. [IR]
    Products : Plant extract ()
    Takht e Shirin is an agri cultural company producing essence and extract.

  • VE La Bodega Del Turista S.R.L. [VE]
    Products : bixa orellana cream, dry capsicum fruits (Exporter)
    We produce artisanal processed food from natural organic plants

  • BR PHD Business Intermediation [BR]
    Products : Industrial District, Agricultural&Livestock Areas ()
    TWO IMPORTANT PRODUCTION POOLS IN BRAZIL - Industrial District, Agricultural & Livestock Areas / Farms

  • IN P.R.S. Auto And Agro Pvt. Limited [IN]
    Products : Gambier, Betelnut ()
    Agricultural Implements, allied products and Fabricators of Govt. authorised vehicles

  • IN Elbitec India Limited [IN]
    Products : Stevia Extracts, Biofuels (Service)
    Elbitec India Limited as a Contract farming & Contract manufacturing Company with major thrust on the production of Stevia Extracts and Manufacture of Biofuels

  • KR YC Corporation [KR]
    YC Corp is one of the leading Korean Ginseng & Red Ginseng Exporters, mainly are handling of Ginseng extract, tea, capsule, powder, honey sliced with ginseng, chocolate, candy, drinks etc.

  • IN SSSBiotic.com [IN]
    Products : Chitosan,Chitin,Glucosamine,Lutein,Lycopene,Soya Isoflavones,Ginger,Turmeric ()
    (1)Sourcing specialist for multinational companies for outsourcing of Bio chemicals, herbal extracts, pharma ingredients(2)Customised-producer of Herbal, Bio Chemical extracts and pharma ingredients

  • KR Korean Ginseng Products Co., Ltd. [KR]
    Products : Korean Ginseng Products. ()
    We are Korean Ginseng Products Company. We have the longest history as a manufacturer of Korean Ginseng Products in Korea and produce various kinds of food products.

  • BG Veno Trade Ltd [BG]
    Products : tomato,apricot and other fruits concentrates ()
    We are Veno Trade Ltd - member of Veno Holding PLC,Bourgas, Bulgaria.Together with our daughter producing company in Uzbekistan we are engaged with the production and trading of fruit paste

  • IN Daspan Impex Pvt Ltd [IN]
    Products : Herbal and flower Extracts ()
    We are a leading manufacturers of herbal extracts like Aloe Vera gel and Powder and other flower extracts

  • CU Phytoway Inc [CU]
    Products : herbal extract ()
    Our company, PHYTOWAY INC, which was set up in 1995, is a China leading manufacturer in herbal extract businesssupplying more than 30 species of herb extracts,such as Red Clover P.E.,Ginger P.E.,

    Products : extracts, isolates fro eggs, protein (Manufacturer)
    OVACTIS develops products and processes with the chicken egg as source. Examples: egg phospholipids, hydrolysates

  • AT Fotrex GmBh [AT]
    Products : import pumpkin powder (Importer)
    We are interesting in pumpkin powder.

  • NG Shalek Inv. Nig. Ltd. [NG]
    Products : Spices (Pepper, Ginger) (Exporter)
    We are company registered in Nigeria in 1982, we are major exporters of different varieties of pepper to numerous buyers scattered all over the world.

    Products : botanical powders, seafood powders (Importer)
    We are the foods supplier in food & beverage industry in Korea

    Products : essential oils ()
    We offer best essential oils. Unbeatable quality and price.

    Products : seeds, foods, diamond tools, meat, households, beuty, chemical raw material ()
    We are a specialized exporter/importer of seeds, foods, diamond tools, meat, households, beuty, chemical raw material in Korea

  • IN Anupal [IN]
    Products : powder (Manufacturer)
    manufacturer of food powders and food products

  • IN Retreat Clinic [IN]
    Products : Hair products ()
    We specialise in treatment of hair and sclp disorders.

  • US Jack Christopher Trading [US]
    Products : sugar, coffee, soy bean ()
    import /export

  • IN Ayyanar Agro Products [IN]
    Products : Tamarind Kernel Powder (TKP), Tamarind Seed Testa (TST), Jelly (TSJ), Pectin ()
    Ayyanar Agro Products (India) manufacturer and exporter of Tamarind Seed Products like Tamarind Kernel Powder (TKP), Tamarind Seed Testa (TST), Tamarind Seed Jelly (TSJ) & Tamarind Seed Pectin (TSP)

  • PE CP CORP. S.A. [PE]
    Products : Maca powder, Cats claw dry atomized extract, Yacon dry slices, Maca capsules ()
    Natural products exporters

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