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  • US Ipswich Shellfish Co [US]
    Products : live lobster (Exporter)
    We are a world wide shipper of live Canadian, Maine Lobster.

    Products : Top Shell Meat ()
    We have export and manufacturer company in Turkey.

  • PH Obico Marine Products [PH]
    Products : dried sea cucumbers, dried seaweeds, dried abalones, seashells (Exporter)
    OBICO MARINE PRODUCTS has been in the business of exporting Marine Products like Sea Shells (finished products & materials), Dried Seaweeds, Dried Abalone, Shaksfin & Dried Sea Cucumber

  • AU Ernest N. Lam Lam &Co. [AU]
    Products : Seafood (Service)
    Agent for sourcing for supply of seafood items, including dried seacucumber, abalone, prawns and fishes

  • IN Castlerock Fisheries Limited., [IN]
    Products : Shrimps,Lobster,Squid,Cuttlefish,Pomfret,Seerfish,Indian Mackeral,Snapper,etc ()
    Largest Exporters of Frozen Seafoods from India exporting 40,000mt of Seafood per anum to various destinations round the globe.

  • TR Kardez Ltd.Co. [TR]
    Products : topshell (rapana venosa), mushrooms, anchovy, snails ()

  • TH FKL Global Trading Co.,Ltd. [TH]
    Products : Soft Shell Crabs (Exporter)
    We are a soft shell crabs manufacturer. We also conducting trade on other frozen seafood auch as shrimps, squids, and fishes

  • AR Snails & Snails [AR]
    Products : Sanils (Manufacturer)
    We specialize in snail farming under top quality standards.

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