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  • PK Dildar Ahmad Co, Ltd. [PK]
    Products : Green and Black Tea ()
    Importer and Exporter,Distributors,we have a huge network of Distribution and sales all over PAkistan and Afghanistan and have been doing business in this two countries since twenty years

  • NG Refem Limited [NG]
    Products : Gum Arabic, Spices, herbal tea, charcoal, kola nuts ()
    We export agro allied raw materials, specialising in gum arabic, dried hibiscus flowers,spices such as dried ginger, chilly pepper, Also, we sell kola nuts with notable clients in Europe and Asia

  • PK Siddiqui Sons Syndicate [PK]
    Products : Tea, milk powder ()
    We are a company based in Pakistan dealing mainly in import of tea from countries like Kenya, Vietnam, Rwanda etc and also milk powder from countires like Poland .

  • VN Dai Loi Trading Company [VN]
    Products : green tea, black tea ()
    We export OPA, OP, PeKoe, P, FPOB, PS, BPS, F, Thai Nguyen Tea, Lai Chau Tea, Lam Dong Tea, Green PS, Green F, Green BPS

  • VN Dai Loi Trading Company [VN]
    Products : green tea, black tea ()
    We export OPA, OP, PeKoe, P, FPOB, PS, BPS, F, Thai Nguyen Tea, Lai Chau Tea, Lam Dong Tea, Green PS, Green F, Green BPS

  • TW National Tea Company [TW]
    Products : tea, marble (Exporter)
    we're seeking import partners in all over the world especially in Taiwan.

  • IN Marco Blowers (india) Privat Limited [IN]
    Products : centrifugal fans ()

  • NP Gourmet Gold Tea And Coffee Pvt Ltd [NP]
    Products : Tea and Coffee (Exporter)
    Largest exporter of Coffee and Tea from Nepal under private label, bulk and contract packaging for customers all over the world

  • VN Yen Bai General Im.& Ex. Joint Stock Company [VN]
    Products : Tea; Cinnamon ()
    Our company is special in Tea (Black; gren), Cinnamon, bamboo and ratan handed Wares, Calcium Carbonate Powder (CaCo3)?Our products has exported to USA, Euro, India, Middle East, ?..

  • US Advanced Media Line [US]
    Products : Agricultural Products ()
    We specialize in storage media

  • VN Essential Oils And Natural Products Copmany [VN]
    Products : Essential Oils, chemical, Steel products..... ()
    Essential oils and Natural products company (Enteroil) belongs to Center for Natural Science and Natural Technology

    Products : Tea, Black Pepper, Pineapple, Rice, Cashew nut, .... and art handicraft, bamboo, (Exporter)
    We are export agricuture (tea, pineaple, rice, cashew nut,....) and art (bamboo, rattan, lacque,....)

  • HK Teatree & Co. [HK]
    Products : chinese tea, glass bulbs shell, tubes, borosilicate glass rods
    We are a commerical company engaging in various high quality Chinese teas, glass shells for sodium & mercury lamps, fluorescent tubes. Prices are most competitive and seeking long term cooperation.

  • TW Sheng Siu Tea Intl CO., LTD [TW]
    Products : Oolong tea ()
    We are the manufacturer of tea, specialize in Oolong tea with over15 years experience in Taiwan

  • US TeaPleasures.com [US]
    Products : Green, Black Tea (Importer)
    We are importers of fine quality tea

  • TW Good Young Co., Ltd. [TW]
    Products : jasmine green tea, green tea, oolong tea, black tea ()
    Good Young Company is located in Taiwan, and with 2 factories in Vietnam and China, the tea from Taiwan, Vietnam and China is available from us.

  • IN Eagle Impex [IN]
    Products : Tea and Dry Friuts ()
    Est. since 1991 one of the leading Import / Export house

  • LK Ambassador Tea (Pvt) Ltd. [LK]
    Products : Tea Bags, Loose Tea, Packaging ()
    Ambassador Tea (Pvt) Ltd. is a Exporting organisation that specialises in Tea Bag, Bulk Tea and Tea Packeting. We have a reputation of offering finest quality Ceylon Tea.

    Products : Blacktea,Green Tea. ()

  • IN Business Through Mail [IN]
    Products : Cement,Sugar,Soya,Starch (Service)
    E-middleman helping to procure products at economical price

  • PY Palimpex International S.A. [PY]
    Products : Tea products ()
    Export commodities company

  • IN OM-K-EXIM. [IN]
    Products : tea,coffee , all spices ()
    Om-k-exim is a well established trading company dealing with exports and imports. Major commodities are tea-black & green, coffee-all varieties, spices-all varieties.

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