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  • JP Teikoku Trading Co., Ltd. [JP]
    Products : Mammals,Birds and Reptiles (Importer)
    We are Live Animals, Mammal, Bird, and Reptile, importer in Japan.

  • LK Greenleaf Aquatics [LK]
    Products : Tropical Marine, Fresh Water & brackish Water Fishes ()
    Exporter of Tropical Fishes, situated in Sri Lanka. Since year 2007

  • EG Rahimko Masr [EG]
    Products : Reptiles,Mammals,Insects (Exporter)
    We are a specialized company, we have a good experience in this field , Our animals are Healthy,We extract Egyptian finest reptiles of first choice. We select the best qualities

  • EG Karine Valley [EG]
    Products : reptiles and mammls (Exporter)
    we ship reptiles and mammls without any adavanced payments

  • IN Pisho Enterprises Pvt.ltd [IN]
    Products : aquarium accessories,dogs,cats, birds, fish, mammals,rodents,pet products ()
    We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the leading exporters of pets and pet products in India, having contacts with dealers and manufacturers worldwide.

  • US Haire Enterprises [US]
    Products : finch, waxbill (Importer)
    Start-up, looking to import finches and waxbills for resale in the US.


  • EG Kingcopra [EG]
    Products : reptiles and mammls (Exporter)
    egyption reptiles exporter looking for importer in all over the world cheap prices healthy animals fast shiping

  • CA Kingdom Reptiles [CA]
    Products : reptiles exporter (Exporter)
    Hello, We export quality snakes, turtles, tortoises, caimans and amphibians from South America and USA. CITES documents take approximately 3 weeks. Please contact us for more info.

  • VN Living Bamboo Co., Ltd. [VN]
    Products : sheep, goat (Exporter)
    Living Bamboo Co. also names TRELANG, a VietNamese Manufacturer and Exporter of: Agricultural Products, Bamboo Products, etc. TRELANG Co. has established since 1999.

  • MX Super Pet Center SA De CV [MX]
    Products : pet product, vet medicine, accesories ()
    We are looking for buying of pet accesories and live pet.

  • PL Agrocom [PL]
    Products : Drinking bowls, feeders, nipples, ear-tags ()
    Agrocom Company from Poland. One of the biggest manufacturer in the country

  • LV Alisma [LV]
    Products : Aquatic fish, plants, animals, reptils ()
    Importing aquarium plants, fishes, rertils, birds and other animals

  • US ERI International [US]
    Products : aquarium animals and reptiles ()
    largest US distributor or marine animals and reptiles

  • West Africa Exporter Golden Farm. [GN]
    Products : freshwater fish,birds,like finches,softbills,parrots,owls,aquatics plants etc. (Exporter)
    we are exporter of live tropical.birds,freshwater fish,plants looking for customer for these things

  • CL Servivacc [CL]
    Products : natural treats for dogs
    the company produce natural treats for dogs, dehydrated pig ears, snouts, pig skin rolls, bovine deirvates steers sticks, dehydrated smokey hooves.

  • EC ANPEM-Asociacion Nacional Productores De Especies [EC]
    Products : guinea pigs,live or frozen ()
    We represent an asociation of guinea pig producers

  • SG Pets Life [SG]
    Products : Pet food, product ()
    We are a SIngapore base Pet Shop, beside operating as a retail shop, we also supply pet related product to pet shops.

  • JP RIO Co., Ltd. [JP]
    Products : Freshwater and Marine fish, Mammals, Reptiles, Birds, Insects, Water plants ()
    Established in 1977. Importer and Wholesaler. Located in Tokyo, Japan. We deal with Fresh and Marine Fish, Water Plants, Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Insects, etc. We are waiting for your offers.

  • ID Cahaya Baru [ID]
    Products : ornamental tropical fish (Exporter)
    wholesale, import and export of tropical fish, corals and plants

  • US The Pet Center [US]
    Products : live stock for pet trade (Importer)
    Pet livestock importer selling tp the pet trade in the United States Looking for suppliers of quality livestock including tropical and marine fish and inverts

  • NL Birdimpex [NL]
    Products : birds-animals-reptiles ()
    we are importers and exporters of birds worldwide we also export captive bred parrots and parakeets finches and other birds we are also looking for any exporter of birds

  • BH Alrahidbirds [BH]
    Products : Live Pet Animals (Importer)
    I am importer of all live birds in bahrain

  • DE Terradorado [DE]
    Products : live animals, reptiles, snakes ()
    we search for reliable exporters of reptiles all over the world

  • GB Jannor Cocker Spaniels [GB]
    Products : Cocker Spaniels
    Cocker Spaniels

  • CA Nomad Global Trading [CA]
    Products : Food Processing MAchines ()
    Exporter and Importer

  • AW Canashito Farm Supply N.v. [AW]
    Products : pet shop, animal feed, auto parts ()
    canashito farm is a importer of animal goods sins 1983

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