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  • GR Intarsio Co Ltd [GR]
    Products : olives, olive oil, honey ()
    Olives, Olive oil,Green Black Rotonde, Calamata,Pitted,stuffed.In Bulk or packed according your choise.

  • UY Nidera Uruguaya S.A. [UY]
    Products : honey, mbm, meat and bone meal, fishmeal, feather meal, fcoj, orange juice ()
    Nidera Uruguay, major exporter of animal proteins and bees honey

  • TR Dilek Foreign Trade Company [TR]
    Products : natural honey , cloths ()
    We as Dilek Foreign Trade Company are settled in Izmir , Turkey dealing with natural honey. We would like to supply our products which are very popular both Turkey and abroad.

  • BG GERA-P [BG]
    Products : honey (Exporter)
    Dear Sirs, We would like to offer for sale our honey bee. Thanks you for your nice reply. Product: Honey bee of Bulgaria. QUANTITY : From 1000 to 15000 kg. We to be in hopes of useful collaboration.

    Products : Honey, Beewax, Timber and timber products, Natural stones, Gemstones ()
    FK Agro (UK) Co, Ltd is a registered company to promote trade and Investments

  • NZ NZEX Limited [NZ]
    Products : NZ bee propolis extract, throat spray, wines, blackcurrant powder ()
    NZEX is a trading company in New Zealand. We have networks in China, Japan, Australia, and South East Asia.

  • EG Sinai-Trade.Co [EG]
    Products : honey (Manufacturer)
    sell Egyptian Honey is high quality and less prices

  • IN SMH Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. [IN]
    Products : Deal in Leather products, raw herbs, herbal products, honey, jute products etc. (Exporter)
    We are a professional company which helps importers abroad to buy Indian manufactured goods, "Anything to Anywhere".

  • SK MEDAS, S.r.o. [SK]
    Products : honey, bee products, bee wax ()
    Our company trades since 1996 and at the present time we belong to prominent Slovak buyer, importer, seller and importer of bee products and natural bee honey

  • US Maurice Pincoffs Co. Inc. [US]
    Products : honey (Importer)
    Maurice Pincoffs Co. is an import and distribution company, supplying US food industry with a wide range of food ingredients including liquid honey.

  • TR EFS Foreign Trade Co.Ltd [TR]
    Products : honey ()
    We,as EFS Foreign Trade Co.Ltd.,are settled in £żmir and would like to introduce ourselves

    Products : Natural honey ()
    We are bulk suppliers of natural honey.

    Products : Honey,Rice,Sugar, Grains, Processed foods ()
    We are a Leading exporter of Rice, Honey, AGAR AGAR, Sugar, Grains

  • UA Evgeniy Kaleushev [UA]
    Products : Honey, propolis, Royal Bee Jelly (Manufacturer)
    We are manufacturer of Honey, Propolis, Royal Jelly

  • AR Frutihorticultura [AR]
    Products : honey (Exporter)
    We ae honey exporter

  • BR ApiFlori Honey And Sugar Co. [BR]
    Products : Honey and Sugar (Exporter)
    Our company has 20 years in the Brazilian and World market, we do not sell we make money for all.

  • SA Bees Kingdom Est. [SA]
    Products : Bees Products,Health Foods, ()
    Imprter, Exporter of bees products ( Honey, Pollen, Royal Jelly,Propolis) Apitherpay, Health Foods, Bees, Bees Quuens, Bees Equipments & Tools, Bees Food, Hives, Sedra Honey,

    Products : Honey in drums ()
    High quality raw honey in 330 Kg. drums

  • IN Hiro International Pvt. Ltd. [IN]
    Products : Fresh Produce ()
    We are a post harvest managemnt company, handling a wide array of fresh fruits & vegetables

  • AU Netview Information Systems [AU]
    Products : Underwear, Honey ()
    We export and import children and women underwear and Honey products

  • AR Systech Business Solutions [AR]
    Products : Honey, grape juice concentrate, electrical appliances, fine wines, onion, ()
    Systech Business Solutions is part of IBM Business Partners worldwide network and at the present time is enlarging its business looking for new horizonts, target to farm products.

  • VN ANTI Co., Inc [VN]
    Products : Rice and Honey ()
    We are Exporter and manufacturer of Honey and Rice from Vietnam. We are please to contact with Importers. We are nice to receice your reply.

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