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  • IN SBG India Pvt Ltd [IN]
    Products : Mango fruit ()
    we are the manufacturer of mango &Fresh indian vegetables.potatoes& onion

  • IR Meysam Shirabad Trading Company [IR]
    Products : Kiwi, Apple, Fruits ()
    Our company export and Import company in Iran , we export Fruits, flower to other country and import ag

    Products : citrus, grape, tomato, potato, cucumber, onion, bean (Exporter)
    Our company established in 1993, and export all kind of fresh/dry fruits and vegetables. export almost 20.000 tons in a year.

  • VN Phu Mai Co., LTD [VN]
    Products : fresh fruit ()
    We are Phu Mai company, specializing in tropical fresh fruit. We can supply big quan'ty with reasonable price.

  • TW Taiwan Fruit International Co.,Ltd [TW]
    Products : banana and ponkam ()
    export Taiwan fruits,also imports fruits like apples, pears, peaches, plums, prunes,cherries, grapes.etc.

  • EG Sma Trading [EG]
    Products : orange pomegrante (Exporter)
    We are SMATrading Company, One of the Leading Egyptian Companies in the field of Agriculture production and Exporting, we supply all kinds of fruits and vegetables.

  • IR Niavaran Investing Co [IR]
    Products : pomegranate ()
    Fresh fruits and specially pomegranate exporter. we provie you the best Iranian fresh fruits, with reasonable price, best quality and fastesst delivery time.

  • TR Erjuemax Foreign Trade Co. [TR]
    Products : dried apricot,dried fig,grape,marine products (Exporter)
    We have honour to introduce our exporting company,we are always ready to meet your needs at our best prices.

  • EG Horus For International Trading [EG]
    Products : Fresh Vegetables & Fruits (Exporter)
    We have the expertise in export, import and trading established in Egypt in 2002 and we can meet all customer's requirements allover the world.

    Main exporter of ecuadorian banana, fresh fruits, and vegetables. Stablished in Quito since 1990.

  • IN Manna Foods Company [IN]
    Products : pomegranate, grapes, mango pulp, banana ()
    Manna Foods Company has been consistently supplying high quality Fresh fruit to clients world over. We wuold be obliged to get in touch with you & build a long term relation with your esteemed firm

  • VN HX Export Center [VN]
    Products : cinnamon, star aniseed, chilli (Exporter)
    We specilize in growing and exporting : cinamon, star aniseed, chilli, ginger, tumeric, onion...

  • VN HX Export Centre [VN]
    Products : fresh fruit (Exporter)
    We are a fresh fruits exporter.Our mainly products:Pomelo , Dragon fruit , Mango and Pineapple.If you need any information,do not hesitate to contact with me.

  • VN HX export company! [VN]
    Products : dragonfruit, grapefruit, mango fruit (Exporter)
    Our company mainly specializes in the exporting of fresh fruit products such as: Mango fruit, Dragon fruit, Pomelo fruit and others etc...

  • MY Shopers Friend [MY]
    Products : mangoes (Trade Opportunities)
    we want to do businesswith honest parties .our product are reliable and ecnomical,we can meet your demand trust me

  • EG Alamia For Trading And Agriculture [EG]
    Products : orange. onion, mellon, potatos, beans, tomato, lemon (Exporter)
    Alamia was a thought became to reality on 1999, We can provide you with best products for competitive prices and high quality as well, where we obtain the best from the origin source.

  • JO ASF Trading & Marketing Est. [JO]
    Products : fresh fruits and vegetables (Importer)
    we are fresh fruits and vegetables importers located in Jordan, our main goal is to locate very reliable suppliers from all over the world

    Products : fresh fruit vegetable (Exporter)
    internation trade company location in turkey,working to export many kind of fresh fruit vegetable citrus

  • ZA Afrifresh [ZA]
    Products : Citrus and Grapes (Exporter)
    Afrifresh focuses on citrus and deciduous fruit as major export lines. This ensures specialist service and prevents the over extension of expertise.

    Products : MANGOES,LEMON ()

  • AE Altaf & Khammas Trading Co. LLC [AE]
    Products : Fruits & Vegetables ()
    Since inception in the 1960s, Altaf & Khammas Trading Co (AKTCO) has distributed fresh quality fruits & vegetables and food stuff of the highest quality throughout the Middle East.

  • IR mah sepehr mihan [IR]
    Products : apple, orange ()
    a company from Iran. We export many kinds of fresh fruit such as apple, orange, garlin , ...

  • BR Atlantico Trade [BR]
    Products : Tropical Fruits ()
    Exporter of Tropical Fruits from Brazil, mainly by Air Freight

  • DE V.Frankenberg Beratungsgesellschaft MbH [DE]
    Products : Fruits and Vegetables ()
    Export from Fruits and Vegetables from south Europe to Russia

  • EG Alamia For Trading And Agriculture [EG]
    Products : orange. onion, mellon, potatos, beans, tomato, lemon (Exporter)
    Alamia was a thought became to reality on 1999, We can provide you with best products for competitive prices and high quality as well, where we obtain the best from the origin source.

  • CL Patagonia Export S.A. [CL]
    Products : apples, table grapes (Exporter)
    Fruit exporter from Chile. Patagonia Export S.A. Experience, quality assurance.

  • IL Holy Land Fruit [IL]
    Products : Onion, Small onion, Cauliflowers, Herbs Citrus fruit, Lettuce., Potato, Sw ()
    HOLY LAND FRUIT IS an Israeli's Company committed to the distribution, exportation of fresh vegetable and fruit all along to Europe and Russia

  • NL Impala Fruit B.V. [NL]
    Products : Citrus products and grapes ()
    We are an importing and exporting company, specialised in citrus and grapes. We deal with these products the whole year and our main objective is to sell fruit in the highest class of the market.

  • CO Comdoro C.I. Ltda [CO]
    Products : All kinds of tropical fruits and vegetables, lingerie and underware, fashion ()
    Comodoro C.I. Ltda is a South American based company, which exports a variety of products from Colombia, we offer all kinds of tropical and exotic fruits, packed to meet high quality standards.

  • MX Limar Belda S.L. [MX]
    Products : recycled plastics , machinery and foods ()
    Limar Belda S.L is young company with a team of 23 people with a wide experience in the different sectors of the activity of the company , our first sector is in the fields of plastic materials.

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