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  • VN Vietnam Tradelinks [VN]
    Products : rice, coffee, furniture, men shirt, slippers, sport shoes... (Trade Opportunities)
    We are a trading company in Vietnam, we are dealing in many categories with many countries all over the world

    Products : poultry,beef,pork,fish (Importer)
    We are frozen meat importers (poultry,beef,pork,fish) and we are looking for new partners through all Europe.Please contact us if you have any of these products for sale!Thank you!

    We are very glad to inform you that we have got buyers of your product

  • LK Standard Asian Merchants Co (PVT) LTD. [LK]
    Products : Fresh & Frozen Sea Food, Fruit & Vegetable,Grains ()
    Wanted Importers & Agents in ANY PART OF THE WORLD. Please contact for details

  • CH Avinet Sl [CH]
    Products : chicken, fish, beef (Trade Opportunities)
    FROZEN chicken, fish, beef, pork, lamb, ostrich, peacock

    Products : SEA FOOD (Importer)

  • BR Invert do Brasil sa [BR]
    Products : Poultry, dairy and furnitures ()
    Trading company 14 years in the market exports many products such as: poultry, dairy and furniture. Please contact us for more detailed information at invert\@invertdobrasil.com.br

  • US COF [US]
    Products : frozen meat offal ()
    offal export Min 50, Max 200 characters. Please make sure this is shown as your company information.

  • VN APT Co [VN]
    Products : Seafood ()
    We have HACCP and Eu code to exporter into Eu, USA...

  • KR Green Tel & Food [KR]
    Products : frozen fish ()
    hi every one,i am importer of frozen fish I hope to meet a permant business partner through this site

  • EG Green, Export-import [EG]
    Products : Frozen vegetables and fruits ()
    We are agents of frozen vegetables manufacturers and we export. Our product range is artichoke bottoms, broccoli, peas, beans, cauliflower, mixed vegetables, okra, strawberry, apricots and others

  • ID Breeding Gourami [ID]
    Products : Giant gourami
    Breeding gourami We export live fish (gian gourami) and frozen fish food : frozen bloodworm, daphnia

  • IN Tulshi Heera Agro [IN]
    Products : Babycorn fingers, Sweet Corn Kernels ()
    Company is promoted by group of farmers to cultivate & process Baby corn & Sweet Corn

  • AR Integracion Comercial SRL [AR]
    Products : Chicken, Pork, Beef ()
    we are importer and exporter of chicken,pork and beef we Export for anywhere national producion and we have same intresting customer here in our country for same items.

  • AE Al khalsan [AE]
    Products : marineproduct ()
    exported of all type of marine prodcut and als petrochemical component

  • EG Eitp [EG]
    Products : vegetables - fruits- food (Exporter)
    We Have the Pleasure To Introduce Ourselves, We Are Egyptian International Trade Point (E.I.T.P) Ministry of Foreign Trade

  • US Balkunas&co [US]
    Products : chicken, mushrooms ()
    we are wholesaler importer and exporter of mushrooms like boletus,chantarelles and frozen chicken parts

  • US Green Gold Produce [US]
    Products : avocado ()
    buy,sell, avocado with seed, frozen avocado

  • BD Zeal Limited [BD]
    Products : Interested to export frozen duck and chiken ()
    Zeal limited is a sister concern of a group of company . Under this group 2 listed and 4 privet limited company is running.

  • TH Nachjj Co., Ltd. [TH]
    Products : soysauce, fish sauce ()
    Leading manufacturer and exporter of soy sauce and fish sauce in Thailand

  • BG "Disk"Ltd [BG]
    Products : Frozen fruits and vegetables ()
    New companie,an heir of a similar,developped in Bulgaria,having the largest refrigerating base in the countri

    Products : fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables, nuts ()
    Alfacom JSC is a leading producer and trader in Haskovo region, specialised in fruits and vegetables

  • VN Toan Nang [VN]
    Products : food frozen and bamboo shoot ()
    hope to join in

    Products : SEAFOODS (Trade Opportunities)

  • CR Agro Rocha S.A. [CR]
    Products : frozen cassava, yams, ginger, malanga, eddoes, yautia, (Exporter)
    We are a Costa Rican company dedicated to exporting agricultural products

  • PL Viola [PL]
    Products : meat and dairy products ()
    We are polish-netherlands company.We are exported and imported meat and dairy products.

  • CR Agro Rocha S.A. [CR]
    Products : cassava, yams, eddoes, yautia, malanga, ginger, pumpkin, coriander, chow chow (Exporter)
    We are a Costa Rican company dedicated to exporting agricultural products

    Products : Seafood,Fruits,Health Herbs,Spices,Machinery,High voltage transformers ()
    We are a company established since 2001. We export agroindustrial products, frozen, fresh and dehydrated foods, machinery for the process of foods, welding, tubes, transformers of high voltage.

  • ES Comercial P.P.S. [ES]
    Products : Pork Casings and Offals (Exporter)
    We are spanish producers of Pork Casings and Offals for edible and inedible uses, human consumption, pet food and pharmacy raw material.

    Products : TOP SHELL MEAT & ANCHOVY ()
    We have export and manifacturing company.Our main products are top shell meat and anchovy.

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