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  • SE F.gerges & Sons Ab [SE]
    Products : coconut shell charcoal ()
    We are a swedish company established in 1999 we work with all inds of agricultural products.

  • NG Swpw Global Links Limited [NG]
    Products : charcoal,cassava chips,cashew nuts,corn/maize,pinnaepple,vegetables(punky,green) (Exporter)
    As a company registered & approved under company & allied act of nigeria,licenced by the nigeria export promotion council to export every good,quality products to clients all over the wor ld

  • PH Tiueric_ricetiu@yahoo.com [PH]
    Products : copra ()
    copraland marketing and coco charcoal exporter if you are looking for coco charcoal supplier pls dont hesitate to email or call

  • ID Sahara,cv [ID]
    Products : charcoal ()
    looking buyer coconut shell briquette charcoal, fibre, cocopeat

  • EG Elzahraa [EG]
    Products : all kind of vegetables and fruit (Exporter)
    we are elzahraa company foe exporting all kind of vegetables and fruit ,charcoal

  • EG Trade Masters [EG]
    Products : charcoal, PET flakes ()
    we are manufacturers, exporters of charcoal, plastic scrap, macaroni, mineral water,..

  • IN Perminerals\@yahoo.com [IN]
    Products : coconut shell charcoal,coco peat,coco fiber and coco copra ()
    we are from india manufacturers and suppliers of coconut shell charcoal,coco peat,coco fiber and coco copra

    Products : coconut shell charcoal for bbq (Exporter)
    We are trading company in seoul, korea. We are exporting coconut shell charcoal for bbq. It's very comfortable(ready to bbq in 1 min), cleaner & tastier.

  • ID PT. Laszeges Bina Artha [ID]
    Products : Coconut Shell Charcoal (Exporter)
    We are looking for Buyer Coconut Shell charcoal, Coconut Shell, Coconut Shell charcoal in mesh, or Investor to joint us in pabrication of Coconut Shell and other product at Agriculture.

  • EG Elmostafa Group [EG]
    Products : Wood Charcoal ()
    We are a big company in Cairo - Egypt - for manfacturing and exporting charcoal, charcoal powder for briquittes etc, charcoal dust.

  • Cardigan Point [BA]
    Products : Charcoal refuse, Charcoal package ()
    Cardigan Point ..........................................................

  • ID Protani [ID]
    Products : Coconut shell charcoal ()
    we sell coconut sehll charcoal, virgin coconut oil and other product from coconut

  • Happy Ltd., [MM]
    Products : ginger,sever kinds of bean,and semi_precious stone ()
    Happy ltd., establish in 1997.Fist we export broomstick and jade coin to Korea.bamboo charcoal to japan,semi_precious stone to Thailand.now we looking for new buyer for ginger and bean

  • TH NF Trading Thailand Ltd., Part. [TH]
    Products : Coconut shell charcoal,Mangroves charcoal (Trade Opportunities)
    We are suppliers for Coconut shell charcoal,Mangroves charcoal.wood charcoal

  • IR Atashkadeh [IR]
    Products : charcoal ()
    We are please to introduce our selves as a manufacturer of different kinds of Briquette charcoal and natural charcoal in Iran

  • GR TradeMar Co. Ltd. [GR]
    Products : rice, canned sardines, canned mushrooms, canned peaches, beans,cement,steel bars ()
    TrdeMar Co Ltd is an Import Export companu with offices in Greece, China, Egypt, Algeria and Tunissia.

  • ID Indonesia Resources [ID]
    Products : Carbon Coconut shell Charcoal in Mix, Mess26, Mess48 and Dust
    We are Supplier for Carbon Coconut Shell Charcoal in several type as following ; Mix , Mes26, Mess48 and Dust. We make it at Lampung Sumatera Indonesia.

  • TH T.L.T.SIAM co.,ltd. [TH]
    Products : Coconut & wood Charcoal, Briquette ()
    We are multinations manufacturer,Concentrate in Charcoal from various raw matterial(For BBQ), Steam coal and Pet coke for industry

  • PH Phil. Agritech Fiber Corp. [PH]
    Products : coco charcoal, coco fiber, coco peat and coco charcoal dust (Exporter)
    We are currently exporting to China and hopefully we can export to you company.

    Products : Charcoal briquette ex coconut shell, charcoal briquette ex ecological materials ()
    We are a specialist in manufacture of charcoal briquettes ex coconut shell and other ecological materials. We have been exporting best quality & environment friendly products to Europe since 1987.

  • IN HiBless Exports [IN]
    Products : Coconut Shell Charcoal granules and powder (Exporter)
    We are leading cereal suppliers in India and now has extended our focus to Coconut shell Charcoal. We fully assure for our best service, prices, quality and prompt shipment

  • US Summit Views LLC [US]
    Products : All natural renewable resource firelogs, hardwood charcoal, and more ()
    We market and distribute the highest-quality charcoal and firelogs which are better for the environment and easier to use. See our website for the latest and newest products and services we offer!

  • ID PT. Topang Usaha Global (Charcoal manufacturer) [ID]
    Products : charcoal ()
    PT. Topang Usaha Global is Indonesian charcoal manufacturer : briquette, lump & granular. For barbeque, shisha, stove, fuel heating etc.

  • GH Global Inc [GH]
    Products : sales goods and services ()
    need buyers we are ready to export our product to any part of the wotld and we will make sure that all goods bourght which are above 5 tons will be delivers free.

  • KR Dong Bu Trading Company [KR]
    Products : Charcoal, regins, textile, socks, chemicals, lubricating oil ()
    As good distributor of general goods to and from Far east Asia and north america and EU

  • PH JC Charcoal Industry [PH]
    Products : Coco Charcoal Briquettes ()
    We manufactured environment friendly coco charcoal briquettes. With monthly capacity of 100 tons. Packaging depends on buyers specification. Price qoute FOB Cagayan de Oro City,Philippines.

  • SG Newenergy Corporation (S) Pte Ltd [SG]
    Products : charcoal briquette manufacturer (Manufacturer)
    charcoal briquette manufacturer supply to customer in East Asia, Europe and USA. Charcoal briquette have long burning time, high heat and low flame

  • UY CarbonLiptus [UY]
    Products : Eucalyptus charcoal (Exporter)
    I offer coal of eucalyptus of first quality to contact itself with email

  • NG Sascoheba Imc. Ltd [NG]
    Products : Agricultural products mainly palm kernel, Palm oil, chacoal, cocoa seed ()
    This company has been on the export business for the past 5 yrs with staff numbering up to 25 members. We also represent Lomo Microscope manufacturers in the United States

  • TH P & A Charcoal Thai Co., Ltd. [TH]
    Products : high quality 100% sawdust briquette charcoal (Manufacturer)
    Sawdust Briquette Charcoal has lower moisture and higher fixed carbon than MANGROVE Charcoal. No smoke and ashes are at very low level, high heat an

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