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  • IN Amaze Seafood Tradea [IN]
    Products : Lobster, Black Tiger, Shrimps Pud & Pd ,Cuttlefish, Squid, Octopus, Grouper,Emp (Trade Opportunities)
    We are one of large and leading Trading Company in Kochin India . We are specializing in frozen seafood. We are proudt to offer our customers an extensive selection of aquatic products

  • EG Embrator Co. [EG]
    Products : sea food ()
    manifacturer and exporter of sea food,fish,snails,seahorse

  • US Evapotrading [US]
    Products : sea food ()
    processing. develope research manufacturer in south america caribbean , europe

  • IN A S Marine Industries(Pvt)Ltd., [IN]
    Products : Squid,Cuttlefish,Octopus,Ribbon fish,Tuna ()
    We introduce ourselves as processor and exporter of frozen seafood from India,for more information pls visit our website.,

  • KR Badasoosan Corp [KR]
    Products : Die Cast goods (Trade Opportunities)
    Headquater in Korea and factory in China ,our specialized in precsion Die Cast Auto Part's

    We give teams and parts to agricultural companies and/or aquaculture companies

  • PH Denma1529\@yahoo.com.ph [PH]
    Products : Eel, adult and Baby eel (Exporter)
    We are a direct supplier of adult eel and baby eel and also black tiger shrimp, yellow fin tuna, tilapia, milkfish and birdsnest

  • VN T.V.S Co, Ltd. [VN]
    Products : Squid, baby octopus, black tiger shrimp, Mangosteen, Rambutan ()
    We are processor black tiger shrimp, squid, baby octopus. We supply it with high quality and compatitive price. Please feel free to contact with me

  • CL Eurotrade Limitada [CL]
    Products : fish bananas grapes pinneapples ()
    chilean broker in chilean and ecuadorians fruits fish and wine

  • US Big Sky Carp Llc [US]
    Products : carp: skins,scales,roe,meal,oil,fertilizer,collagen (Manufacturer)
    big sky carp llc of montana starts production in aug 06 selling carp skins, scales, roe ,meal,oils/fertelizer,and collogens

  • IN SAK Enterprises [IN]
    Products : silk worm pupae, powder, oil,silk waste, bisu ()
    We are one of the manufacturers of silk worm pupae and powder used in the aqua industry

  • VN Viet Delta [VN]
    Products : squid, cuttlefish, baby octopus (Exporter)
    we, viet delta corp, are one of the leading seafood manufacturer and exporter in Vietnam. All our products are good at quality, reasonable price and approved by FDA, HACCP ... looking for importers

  • US Roger Seafood [US]
    Products : Crabs ()
    Exporter and Importer Live Crabs and Frozen Crabs. Willing to import from anywhere in the world.

  • Vitalfish Group Limited [BJ]
    Products : Canned fish/meat and frozen fish (Importer)
    Vitalfish Group Limited is one of the largest importers/distributors of all types of fish and meats in Benin Rep.

    Products : Sargassum (Manufacturer)
    Sargassum raw material for bio fertilizer and soluble solutions

  • SG Exofaune [SG]
    Products : live animal, aquatic plants (Exporter)
    we are exporter on singapore and we search an importer

  • VN Vu Gia Products Co. [VN]
    Products : Frog leg, snake meat, skin, bamboo and rattan products ()
    Eshtablish in 2002, start with frog farming business, have four frog farms in the centre and south of Viet Nam.

  • CA Bridge To Asia [CA]
    Products : all kinds of seafoods (Trade Opportunities)
    our company is a leading seafood trading company. our suppliers can give you a non-stop supply of all kinds of pacific, atlantic fish.

  • BD Bay Pacific [BD]
    Products : 400-1000 gm eel fish per kg us$ 3.5 fob dhaka (Exporter)
    we are newly start to export of live crab & eel fish,

  • PH QV Marine Export Products [PH]
    Products : Dried Seahorse, Dried Sea Cucumber, Dried Shark Fins, Scallops (Exporter)
    Our company is an exporter of dried seahorse, dried sea cucumber, dried shark fins, scallops

  • US Aqua-Artmia Co. [US]
    Products : Fish food (Exporter)
    Seller of high quality artemia cysts or brine shrimp eggs

  • US Lyon's International [US]
    Products : fishmeal, blood meal ()
    a specialized reliable agent/broker for fishmeal and other animal product

  • ID Dewi Sari Utama Co Ltd [ID]
    Products : fresh fish (Exporter)
    We are business in fish product with processing, trading and export

  • ID Piranti Aquatica [ID]
    Products : Ornamental Fish & Aquatic Plant (Exporter)
    Indonesian Exporter of Ornamental Fish & Aquatic Plant

  • ID Aquatic Indonesia [ID]
    Products : Tropical Fish ()
    We are the Tropical Fish Exporter From Indonesia, We can supply all aquatic products such as freshwater fish, marine fish, pond, plants and another animals,

    Products : AQUATICS ()

  • IN T.S.G.AQUA [IN]
    Products : squalene oil ()
    We are one of the largest producers of squalene oil from this islands and the squalene content is about 85% to 90%. We can supply upto 200 drums per annum

  • PH Maharlika Agro-Marine Ventures Corp. [PH]
    Products : dried seaweeds (Exporter)
    exporter of dried seaweeds

  • LR International Trade Consultants & Associates, LLC [LR]
    Products : Seafood,coffee,palm oil, cocoa,gold & diamond sales (Trade Opportunities)
    Trade Consultants/Brokers/Dealers

  • TH Conic Engineering Co,ltd. [TH]
    Products : cable (Trade Opportunities)

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