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  • BD First Care Agro [BD]
    Products : Medicine for Animal, Aquaculture (Importer)
    First growing agro vet company in bangladesh. Now we import our product from viet Nam & India.

  • TZ Biro Enterprises [TZ]
    Products : Live animals (Exporter)
    We are international exporters we sell Live animals Mammals,Snakes,Chameleon,Insects any interested contact us soon for details.

  • SY Drfish [SY]
    Products : koi fish goldfish (Importer)
    we are a company in Damascus Syria that exports many kind of tropical fish such as goldfish koi live barers our main strain is silver koi

  • US Paso Fino Connection [US]
    Products : Birds,Reptiles and Mammals (Importer)
    we are importer of Birds,Reptiles and Mammals from South and Central America

    Products : Live animals (Exporter)
    Mwera company is exporting company deals in exporting Live reptiles.Mammals and invertebrates any interested contact us soon thanks

  • IN Arosol Chemicals Pvt. LTd. [IN]
    Products : Herbal Veterinary Feed Additives (Manufacturer)
    GMP, HACCP & ISO 9001:2000 Certified Herbal Veterinary Feeding Additives Manufacturer in India covering all parts of the World.

    Products : Ventilation, alarm, weighing, automation, feeding, drinking equipment ()
    Specialized in climate controls, automatic birdweighing, dry feeding computers and alarm equipment. Pan feeding system for broilers, nipple drinking system. Silos, augers.

  • NG Petworldventuresltd [NG]
    Products : We export Reptiles,birds,mammals,insect,amphibian and tropicalfish ()
    we are exporters of live animals,reptiles,birds and mammals.looking for importers worldwide.interested importers should pls contact us for pricelist.

  • ID PT. Kendali Selaras Indonesia [ID]
    Products : Laboratory Equipment (Importer)
    We are trading company especially in laboratory equipment

  • US Clover Knoll Boarding LLC [US]
    Products : house builder (Service)
    Clover Knoll Boarding undertakes custom design residential construction projects

  • US Asdasdasdasdas [US]
    Products : stuff (Importer)
    I like stuff asdasdasd asdadsas asdajoasd asdasd asdasd asdasdasd asdasd

  • IE O Brien Agroengineering [IE]
    Products : Housing design
    An up and coming young agroengineer based out of Cavan and Vienna searching for Phd oppertunities

  • TR Kupsan Ltd. [TR]
    Products : ear tag (Manufacturer)
    Our company, Kupsan Ltd. , manufactures plastic ear tags for cattle, sheep, goats and swine.

  • BD ABC International [BD]
    Products : Rabbit Meat & Crab ()
    Please inform us your needs. We commited to serve your requirement .

  • NG Rownet Nigeria [NG]
    Products : veterinary drugs (Importer)
    promoting livestock farming and medicare networking farmers and sensitizing the federal government to fund livestock farming

  • IN Angel Fishes [IN]
    Products : Dried Salted Omasum of Buffalo ()
    We are one of the local supplier of dried salted Buffalo Omasum, and Supplier of dried fish for poultry use, and supplier of Sun dried Fishmeal.

  • BR Direct Traders [BR]
    Products : goat and lamb producers (Exporter)
    Our project to produce goat and lamb meat is in course and, we are willing to discuss with importers and distributors companies for future business

  • BD Essential Marketing Co. [BD]
    Products : bone, horn/hooves of buffalo ()
    we are exporting crushed bone and horn products(raw/boiled) in different sizes ex. Bangladesh. please contact: Qamar Mahmud / Rubina Akter.

  • SG Zagro Singapore [SG]
    Products : Manufacturer animal premixes, water solubles, feed additives and disinfectant (Manufacturer)
    Asia's leading premix manufacturer

  • PK Hamza Ahmad Enterprises [PK]
    Products : Veterinary instruments & Beauty Care ()
    Vet and Beauty care instruments for export

    Products : animal health products (Importer)
    YangHa Trading Co

  • KE tapioca ltd [KE]
    Products : refrigerant gas ()
    we are based in mombasa kenya nd manufacturers of animal feeds nd vegetable oil nd xporters of finished goods nd involved in servicing of cooling equipment

  • DK Incotel Denmark [DK]
    Products : Automatci Animal Feeder ()
    Manufact. of automatic, patented animal feeder

  • TH Kmuch Industry Co., Ltd. [TH]
    Products : pineapple slage and acid based feeds (Exporter)
    Manufacture of animal feed, such as acid based feed and enzymes.

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