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    Products : buffalo horn button, plates, toggles ()
    Zebu Horn, Sheep Horn, Buffalo Horn, Cow/OX Horn, Indian Wild Bull Horn, Camel Bone products

  • FI Falangtrade Ltd. [FI]
    Products : pets, fish, food, products ()
    Exporter of fish, mammals, birds, snakes, horses, petfood, aquariums, pondfish, pondfood, pondtechnique, and everything in pets and aquarium!

  • ID Indo Sardine [ID]
    Products : Frozen Sardine, Dried Sardine ()
    We specialize in producing frozen sardine fish both for human consumption and fish bait use. We also produce Dried Sardine Refused for fertilizer and feed ingredient.

  • US Atlantic Trade and Commerce Co. [US]
    Products : cow ox gallstones ???£¿bezoars Niuhuang ()
    Cow Ox Gallstones ???£¿bezoars Niuhuang Cow Ox Gallstones ???£¿bezoars Niuhuang

  • IN Vaghasia Exports Pvt. Ltd. [IN]
    Products : Animal and Poultry feed products, Peanuts, Sugar and all type of Spices. (Exporter)
    Vaghasia Exports Pvt. Ltd. is a Government of India Recognized Export House, is also an ISO 9001:2000 company certified by TUV, Germany

  • KR PMS [KR]
    Products : live animal (Importer)
    Im live animal importer from republic of korea i need to other rare live anima

    Products : BOILED BRISTLES ()
    Our factory was founded in 1963,with steady quality,and excellent services,at reasonable prices.

    Products : Tuna Soluble Extract ()
    Sell Tuna Soluble Extract ,Package 250 Kgs per Metal Drum , 80 Metal Drum for Container 20ft

  • GH Paulo [GH]
    Products : agriculture ()
    contact us for detials, we are into full time export and import

  • TZ Mwera [TZ]
    Products : LIVE ANIMALS (Exporter)
    IWe are iternational exporters from Tanzania sell Live Reptiles,Insects and Crocodile skins

  • RO SVenom [RO]
    Products : Venom - Amonites, Berus Berus ()
    We are a new company on the market. Our main objectives are to produce high quality Venom and to invest in Homeland Snake population.

  • AR Asistek [AR]
    Products : ox gallstone (Importer)
    calculos biliares vacunos para medicina alternativa

  • RU East Way Ltd. [RU]
    Products : deer antlers, beeswax, bear bile, animal raw materials (Exporter)
    Our company is an export company dealt with supply of extracts, vegetables, herbs & fruits and animal products.

  • PK pakistan wool traders [PK]
    Products : wool waste,raw wool,raw cashmere,goat hair ()
    We are the Exporters of Raw Wool,Wool Waste,Raw Cashmere,Goat Hair,and every type of Wool. We believe in faith and quality business

  • HK Chemillennium Int'l(HK)Ltd [HK]
    Products : natural phytochemicals ()
    We are manufacturers/exporters of natural phytochem extracts,pharmaceutical,


  • NG Royalcrews Investments [NG]
    Products : cattle gallstone (Exporter)
    we are exporters of ready export matured cattle/ox gallstone, any buyer interested, pls contact us.

  • NP NepMktg.com [NP]
    Products : Foods (Importer)

  • NG EagleNest Corporation [NG]
    Products : Ox gallstones (Exporter)
    We are a renown exporting company that specialized in exporting high quality ox gallstones.

  • RU Omega &Co., Ltd. [RU]
    Products : deer velvet antler ()
    Omega & Co", Ltd., being a producer of Maral (Sibirian deer) velvet antlers (Code: 3001 10 900) offer you cooperation. We are pleased to offer for export canned velvet antlers from Altay marals.

  • NG Frikden [NG]
    Products : agricultural commodities ()
    a nigerian based exporter of agricultral products

  • NG Briste Enterprises [NG]
    Products : Ox Gallstone (Exporter)
    We are agro export company,specialises in the export of good quality gallstones and other agro products.

  • RU Sobol [RU]
    Products : pine nuts, deer horns, chaga mushroom, musk pod, bear bile, bear fat, fur pelts ()
    Experienced exporter of animal and forest by-products

  • CO Golden ElDorado Import Export [CO]
    Products : Milkpowder and wheypowder ()
    importers and exporters of milkpowders and wheypowders

  • IN Integrated Business Inc [IN]
    Products : shellac,seedlac ()
    Integrated Business Inc is India's Top Manufacturer Exporter of Shellac , Seedlac and related Products. Our Manufacturing Unit is located in Jharkhand which has abundant availability of Raw Material

  • AU Majors (Australia) Pty. Ltd. [AU]
    Products : Tallow, meat meal, Australian wine, olive oil, steel, iron ore, coal ()
    Majors( Australia) is an import/export company trading in Australian commodities as tallow, bone meal, feather meal and blood meal, as well as premium wine products.

  • BD Eva International [BD]
    Products : Crust & Finished Leather ()
    We are looking for Importer of Crust & Finished Leather

  • BR Galaxy Entretenimento Ltda. [BR]
    Products : oxgallstones, propolis & venom,stones from Cascavel snake, and what ever you wan ()
    We represent more than 120 farmers in the Noth-East of Brasil.

  • US Cole Riverview Farms Inc [US]
    Products : Washing machines (Service)
    Cole Riverview Farms Inc., is a dairy farm that we milk 620 cows three times a day. We employee 14 people and 4 students. We also farm 2700 acres of land.

  • Henan Weikang Bee Industry Co.,Ltd [CX]
    Products : beeswax,propolis,royal jelly ()
    original beeswax,refined beeswax plate,original propolis,purify propolis,royal jelly,royal jelly powder

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