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  • ID Zenus Spices [ID]
    Products : Cinnamon (Exporter)
    We are one of North Sumatera Supplier Of Cinnamon and Cloves

  • PE Liofilizadora del Pacifico [PE]
    Products : Chives, Parsley, Green Onions, Leek, Basil, Oregano, Dill, Marjoram, Red Onions ()
    Freeze dried peruvian company with more than 30 years of experience exporting to Asia, North America, Latin America and Europe

  • KR Themepark Zoozoo [KR]
    Products : animal (Importer)
    first live zoo (musiun)reptil, manmal, bird , monkey, fish

  • HK Kotra [HK]
    Products : keyboard (Importer)
    agent company who sell the product in Hong Kong. plesae call us

  • VN Viet Delta Co., Ltd [VN]
    Products : agricutural products (Manufacturer)
    we're viet delta co, ltd, an manufacture and a exporter in viet nam.

  • LK Green Field Trading [LK]
    Products : cocopet washed loose form in polybag of30kgs ()
    my company will put in to production from april 2008 aiming 1ooox40f annually we are in phillipine

  • KR Sam Woo [KR]
    Products : dried foods (Importer)
    importor, distributor for dried foods and processed foods

    Products : pepper, desiccated coconut, tapioca starch ()
    We're a leading agri-products supplier from Vietnam. Our main items are pepper, desiccated coconut, tapioca starch, natural rubber ... Kindly contact us for any order

  • IN Orbis Corporation [IN]
    Products : TDP (Manufacturer)
    jfjhfjhjfhjhjksdjhjhuioueyioukjknvklajvkjkp;aojjkvjkljakjakjkljfkjkvkajkjfkjkja nkjkkjkjkjfkjkvjiasuiuuiivjksgjgjkjdkjioerueuooiooooioioiqwomvklvjvklsjlfkjjtrader

  • EC Petropluscorp S.A. [EC]
    Products : Teak, Balsa, Saman (Exporter)
    We export teak flooring and teak parquet. Also: Teak planks, teak cants, teak decking, teak solid doors

  • BD Aias International [BD]
    Products : Tapoca Starch, Maize Starch, Sagoo Seeds ()
    We are the Saling agent. If you are interested please contact with us

  • VN VietNam E-Commerce Portal [VN]
    Products : Agricultural Apparel & Textile ()
    Join VietNam E-commerce Portal free, Largest import - exporters directory in VIet nam

    Products : Psyllium husk, Psyllium husk powder ()
    we are manufacture & exporter of psyllium seed, psyllium husk, psyllium husk powder

  • IN Swarna Trades [IN]
    Products : Coir Fibre/Coconut fibre; coir ropes, coir pith/coco peats, coconut husks, cocon ()
    We 'Swarna Trades' from India are a big diverse manufacturing and exporting company of several coir and coconut products, vegetables, rice and grains to countries of South-East Asia, Europe and US

  • PE Dauria Peru [PE]
    Products : artichokes, paprika, ajo,sparragos, ()
    Peruvian company sell all kind of products originals from here.

    Products : Groundnut, Pepper, beans ()
    THANHNGHETINHFOOD JOIT STOCK CO, Deal in agricultural such as: Groundnut, White and black pepper, beans...

  • YE Zaydia Agricultural Center [YE]
    Products : pesticides , seeds , fertilizers , sprayers (Importer)
    importing pesticides & fertilizers & seeds and sprayers

  • AR Red Digital [AR]
    Products : Cereals: Soybean, Sunflower, Wheat Meat of cow ()
    Our company is dedicated to export cereals and products of leather from Argentina

  • GH Afcom Ventures [GH]
    Products : organic powdered chilli pepper, and ginger, cotton seed charcoal etc ()
    Afcom is a ghanian vompany exporting quality agricultural products, Our customers are treated with great care and our motto is honesty first before others.

    Products : coffee,pepper,cashew nut,groundnut kernel,sesame,all kinds of beans, ()
    we are one of the big companies export all kinds of agriculture products:coffee,pepper,cashewnut kernels,groundnut ,fresh shallot,annatto seeds,sesame seeds .

  • Orgula [HR]
    Products : carrot, onion, tomato to buy ()
    We are a company from Croatia whose primary business is olive oil production, but also fruit and vegetable products

  • ID SAM [ID]
    Products : fertilizers
    Import TSP (Triple Super Phosphate) 3000 ton/years. Please call us if you have some informations.

  • Ibrahimi Trade And Co [AF]
    Products : RICE ()
    we deals in every kind of rice processing. imports machinary for processing of rice. coars rice as well as fine rince. its our main target to develop the agri products of afghanitan.

  • ET Amine Export Company [ET]
    Products : Sesame seeds, dry Ginjer (Exporter)
    Amin export & import is one of the affiliate of known exporter in Ethiopia.

  • Pampamci [CI]
    Products : cocoa ()
    We are one of the leading producers of cocoa in the west african sub region.We came into existence since 1990.Our target markets is export to europe, asia and south america.

  • kaarbourg and sons ltd [CI]
    Products : coco, beans (Importer)
    our company was establish some years ago and we are into importing goods from all part of the world

  • TH Digit Malls Co.,Ltd. [TH]
    Products : Fresh cut orchids and tropical flowers (Exporter)
    We are exporter company that have found in July 1999 and located in Bangkok Thailand. We willing to serve you by our high quality Thai Orchids like Dendrobium, Mokara and Tropical Flowers

  • CA Milpro Industries [CA]
    Products : Silos ,hammer mill , roller mill , dryer, cleaner , conveyor ()
    Manufacturer of grain process equipments , grain handling , storing , drying and cleaning equipments

  • IN Xion International [IN]
    Products : processed food ()
    manufacturer of all types of processed food and packed food.

  • PE Malsa [PE]
    Products : pepper, cumin (Importer)
    For 40 years, we are the most important company in the marketing spice

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