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  • UA Lukmal Ltd [UA]
    Products : Boletus Edulis,Craterellus Cornucopioides (Exporter)
    We are looking for buyers of Boletus Edulis frozen-10 tons,Craterellus Cornucopioides frozen-3636 kg,Craterellus Cornucopioides dried-95 kg

  • VN AHBT Co., Ltd [VN]
    Products : Shrimp, crab, octopus and swimming crab ()
    We are a famous Seafood trading company in Vietnam with long term relatonships with many Seafood producers in Vietnam and India

  • Ets Awosley International [BJ]
    Products : TEXTILES,foods, sport wears ()
    we are an established company that import general mechandse in west Africa

  • IR Radian [IR]
    Products : we are looking for raw surimi. (Importer)
    radian company is an active in producing ofsurimi based product .

  • TH E & W Marine Partnership Co.,ltd. [TH]
    Products : frozen seafood (Exporter)
    E & W Marine Partnership Co.,ltd. is marine products exporter and located in bangkok. We have been a major supplier of sea food such as fresh water fish ,sea water fish, shrimp,squid,cuttle fish .

  • Koc Trade Company [TC]
    Products : dried fruits (Importer)
    koc trade company.Our company is settled in Izmir/turkey, we are providing high quality dried fruits and frozen foods.

    FROZEN: SEAFOOD, Prawn Ball, Cuttlefish Ball, Fish Chips, Fishball, Fishcake,Snack Fish, Vege Ball, Salmon Ball

    Products : seafood, handicraft, natural stones, agro products, wooden shoes, ... (Exporter)
    Seeking importers for frozen, dried and fresh seafood,agro product,and natural stones. Please send to us your orders for high quality products and competitive prices.

  • VN Leanh co.,ltd [VN]
    Products : Pangasius, frozen fish fillet, Surimi, Dried Anchovy ()
    Leanh co.,ltd; import, export sea product: Pangasius, Surimi, Dried Anchovy

  • GB Vanguard International Trading Ltd. [GB]
    Products : frozen food ()
    We are based at Spalding in the UK and are currently supplying Game & Exotic Meat Products and Frozen Food Products to many businesses in the UK and Europe. Our Game & Exotic Meat Products inc

  • VN EAC [VN]
    Products : food ingredient (Service)
    We provide many kinds of ingredient in food, specialised in seafood, noodle, beverage, baking

  • IN Angelplus Syndicate [IN]
    Products : HOSO, HLSO, Peeled Shrimps, Squid, Cuttlefish, Octopus, Fish, Calamari, PTO ()
    Inspection Agent and Traders in Seafood with Central office at Cochin, India. We source and inspect Indian origin Frozen seafood products for International buyers working round the clock since 1995

  • SG Vertex Harvest Sdn Bhd [SG]
    Products : frozen seafood and dried seacucumbers, dried sharkfins, birdnest and abalone (Trade Opportunities)
    we are importer and exporter of dried and frozen seafoods

  • PT Casado Frio Lda [PT]
    Products : meat, fish, vegetables ()
    Food distribution-dairy , juice, meat, icecream, fish, vegetable

  • US Tartufare [US]
    Products : Wild Mushrooms, Caviar (Importer)
    We specialize in Fresh and Preserved Truffles, Wild Edibles, and Caviar

    Products : TILAPIA FILLET ()
    we are major manufacturer Tilapia fillet in Taiwan, if you are interesting in this product please contact us.

  • PL ELBRO Ltd. [PL]
    Products : frozen pierogies, dumplings, raviolis ()
    We are the leading Polish manufacturer and exporter of frozen pierogies, dumplings and raviolis. We would like to commence a dialogue with your company in the hope of establishing cooperation

  • DK Scandinavian Meat Company A/S [DK]
    Products : beef, pork, poultry, vegetables, fish, dairy prod., oils (Exporter)
    Scandinavian Meat Co A/S established 1972 and since operating worldwide export of food products. Import mainly to Eastern Europe.

  • CL Pacifico Austral Ltda [CL]
    Products : Crab Meat, Mussel,canned seafood (Exporter)
    We export and produce chilean seafood. We are located in Ancud, 1200 km from Santiago. We are exporing our main products to Japan, EEUU and Europe.We are looking for crab meat buyers and distributor.

  • PK Rajabs Marketing Services [PK]
    Products : Frozen foods ()
    Frozen and dry products distributors in Karachi Pakistan. We are equipped with the latest related assets and market knowledge of food products

  • GB KELSON Seven Seas Limited [GB]
    Products : Frozen Seafood, ornamental gifts ()
    Importer and trade agent sourcing for products from Asia

  • MY Thinware Products Industries Sdn Bhd [MY]
    Products : We are manufacturer of Disposable Food Container, Takeaway Food Packaging ()
    We are supplier of Mircowaveable Food Container from Malaysia.

    Products : FROZEN FOOD ()

  • MX Calamar De Loreto, S.A. De C.V. [MX]
    Products : Giant squid, macarel, sardines, fish meal and squid meal (Exporter)

  • TH Progress and riches ( Thailand ) co.,ltd [TH]
    Products : seafood products ,canned food, sweater, rice ()
    we are Trading company to import and export consumer products .our main isfrozen seafoo,canned tuna,sweater,footwear,jusmine rice

  • EG ITF [EG]
    Products : Export Frozen vegetables, fruits. (Exporter)
    We are a well established Multinational company dealing in the feild of export frozen vegetables, fruits as well as frozen French fries from Egypt to the world market through our branches.

  • MY Klassic Frozen Foods & Marketing [MY]
    Products : Asian Pancake/ Roti Canai, Meat/Seafood Instant Curry Paste, Frozen River Fish ()
    We have a wide variety of products ranging from Asian pancakes (roti canai/ pratha), instant curry paste (meats/ seafood?s) and live and frozen river fish

  • CA Longbridge International [CA]
    Products : pof pack films ()
    we are selling polyolefin three-layer bi-oriented shrink film. Both single wound shrink film and center fold shrink film come with the thickness from

  • IN Seva Health Care (pvt)ltd. [IN]
    Products : medicine,frozen foods,chemicals,rice,sugar ()
    universal trade link is from last two years deal in all above product generally in african country and u.k.

  • GB Medina Meat And Poultry Group [GB]
    Products : meat and poultry (Importer)
    product price list

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