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  • TR Alternatif E£¿tim Danışmanl£¿ Ltd. £¿i [TR]
    Products : pasta, biscuit, chocalate ()
    agriculture products, clean paper product, biskuits,

  • KR Aroma Food Corp. [KR]
    Products : buy Wheat Flour & Red Kidney bean, Sell Udon & Bread Crumbs ()
    Aroma Food Corp have found in 1991. We have sold Udon, Bread Crumbs to Canada and H. K and so on.. Also, we are looking for supplier of the Small Red Kidney Bean & Wheat Flour. Thank you.

  • KR Eang Trading Company [KR]
    Products : canned foods (Importer)
    we are importer canned foods located in the Korea.

  • DE Intrakonti Gmbh Im-exp [DE]
    Products : agricultural commodities ()
    international traders in commodities, raw materials, plants & equipments, etc,.etc.

  • DE OMG Trading [DE]
    Products : IC 45 Cane Sugar (Exporter)
    We sell cane sugar type IC 45 and cement OPC 42.5 from Brazil.

  • US Lansing Cotton Llc [US]
    Products : grains (Exporter)
    We are an exporter of many agricultural products, from grains and feed ingrediants, to biodiesel

  • NG Secure Agriculture Initiative-nigeria [NG]
    Products : agricultural produce such as ginger sesame chili pepper ()
    Secure agricultuere initiative-Nigeria is a NGO concerned with processing and marketing of farm produc especially for local indutriesand export purposes.

  • IN Nagshanti Agro Tech Pvt Ltd [IN]
    Products : maize, cotton lint, chilly, sunflower seed, cotton seed, jowar, ginger, many oth ()
    company estd:1956 trading concern inall types of agriculture goods and indian garmnets

  • PE Pacifico Trading [PE]
    Products : Oregano , Camomile , Beans, Kion,Stevia , Noni, Maca (Exporter)
    We are Pacifico Trading Company and are ddicated to the Agroindustry Export with our leader mar EXPORTO PERU

  • IN ANS Bharti Enterprise [IN]
    Products : agriculture products,cement,minerals ()
    we are trading house based in Mumbai,India dealing in to cement,bauxite,ironore and agriculture products

  • BD messrs Midlink Overseas [BD]
    Products : Raw material for industries, machinery , equipment, building materials,etc ()
    we are trading company from Bangladesh since 1953 dealing in raw materials for metallurgical industris

  • CM Herp Breeding Farm & Co Ltd [CM]
    Products : Tortoise, turtles, chameleons, Goliath frogs, birds, animals, ball pythons, horn (Exporter)
    We are a Non Governmental organisation in the breeding and exportation of fauna species

  • BD Landis Group [BD]
    Products : water pump,motor,ball bearing,re-rolling rods ()
    hi!we rae global traders of water pump,electric moto,ball bearing,cosumar,hardwere items of stocks lots buyre

  • LK Amaani Export [LK]
    Products : Latex foam Rubber seller ()
    we are an export and trading Comapny in Sri Lanka , export 100% natural latex

  • IN Saint Deniel Organization [IN]
    Products : Medicinal Plants ()
    We are bulk providers of medicinal plants like Stevia ,Safed Musli, Kalehari etc. many more.....


  • JO Talal Trading [JO]
    Products : baby daiper (Trade Opportunities)

    Products : Agricultural Products ()
    We are frighr forwarder and wholesale trading company from Bosnia.

  • VN H.X Export Corp [VN]
    Products : seaweed,canned mushroom,corn.,tea,peas,desiccated coconut (Manufacturer)
    We, H.X Export Company, export specialize in food:corn,mushroom,peas,desiccared coconut,sweet potato,tea

  • GH Arewa Cocoa Ghana Ltd [GH]
    Products : Cocoa ()
    Arewa Cocoa Ghana Limited is a cocoa processing company located in Kumasi with the branches offices in Accra ; we are mighty exporter of cocoa and cocoa products from Ghana

  • IN Far Eastern Commercial Enterprises [IN]
    Products : rice.iron ore,manganese ore,paddy,wood pulp,cotton textiles, (Exporter)
    1999 far eastern commercial enterprises was eastablished.head office in new-delhi.has 50 men and women at work on sites and office.

  • PE Ropesa Synthetic Product S.a [PE]
    Products : want to buy sisal ropes 10tn (Importer)
    we want to buy sisal ropes diferents diameter from 3mm to 25mm 3/4 strans

  • IN Commodity Holding Inc [IN]
    Products : urea and cement (Exporter)
    we r direct sellers of cement ures and copper from russia

  • ID Sinar Harapan [ID]
    Products : seaweed supplier (Exporter)
    We are seaweed exporter from Indonesia. Our export right now is to Japan, China and Korea. We have dry seaweed of Eucheuma cottonii,E.spinosum and gracillaria.

  • IN Rajena Agro Products Pvt. Ltd. [IN]
    Products : Sesame Seed, Castor oil, Castor meal, pulses, spices, cumin seeds, fennel seeds, ()
    We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Castor Oil, Sesame Seeds and various other spices from India We are iso 9001:2000 company .

  • Inbound And Commodities Logistics International [CI]
    Products : Potatoes, pastas, onions,milk ()
    We are Inbound and Commodities Logistics, an import- export and distribution company based in Ivory Coast

  • IN Green Crops Merchandise [IN]
    Products : Seeds/Feeds/Nuts/Grains/Vegetable ()
    We are farmers. processors & exporters of agri commodities from India

    Products : Menthol and Essential Oil (Exporter)
    Leading Manfucture Exporters Menthol and Essential products

  • US TIS [US]
    Products : Popcorn (Importer)
    TIS popcorn, nuts, seed, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and grain company

  • MA Marshan De Commerce,sarl. [MA]
    Products : agriculture items,construction machinary,art craft,auto spare parts,cloths,shoes ()
    our company work basicly with spanish company and we are very active in iraq

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